I love cars!  All types: Sports cars, sedans, trucks, I love them all. My love affair with cars started at 15 when I bought my first car, a 56’ Chevy 210 with no drive train, interior, or anything else that constituted a running vehicle.  But it was a 56’ 2 door, and it was all mine!  However, the Chevy of my past is now just in my dreams and a few photos.  If made today, the car of my past is no longer practical on many levels.  Like our own persona, cars continually evolve.  They are ever-changing and ever improving: a variable of bent metal, machined parts, and highly sophisticated computers and software.  The manufacturers who don’t continually evolve with the technologies of tomorrow will fade into the scrap heap of yesterday.

This blog, The Variable Auto is a forum to discuss not only the evolving car, but the software technologies driving change.  It’s my hope you will find the posts helpful and insightful regarding the variables driving change into the cars we all love.

Greg Bohl