SAMbot running Visual SLAM

Self-Assembly Modular robots (SAMbots) are small scale cars which have the ability to function with the same programs as a full-size autonomous car.  The SAMbot in this video is operating an NIVIDA Jetson TX2 as its base, uses LiDAR, and high-resolution stereo vision camera.  The car was built by the Harman AI team in Richardson, Texas.

In the video the SAMbot is operating in fully autonomous mode without the GPS turned on.  The office has been mapped with LiDAR and when the car is turned on it must understand where it is in the map, find its orientation, and then calculate a shortest distance map to its destination which a cube that it’s been assigned to.

Many thanks to Nikhil Patel and John Dickson who worked with me over many evenings and weekends to bring this group of SAMbots to life.